President’s Message

As we move through our beautiful and much warmer than normal winter season, it’s inspiring to see new faces at each of our club meetings. That means growth for our club when other clubs across North Carolina may not be as fortunate. Some of that growth is attributed to the beautiful facility we meet in and acquired for us free of charge by our former president, Ed deBary.

Our programs are varied, educational and fun for all. Our every other month club auction attracts a plethora of philatelic items that can be acquired for very reasonable prices. The amount of philatelic knowledge that our membership contains is quite striking. Less experienced members can quickly determine those individuals that can help them significantly in their hobby knowledge growth. As we move into the rest of the year, I invite all members to willingly participate in all of our club auctions, programs, business segments of our meetings, etc. We are a viable club because of your input and participation.

This is YOUR club and the goal of myself and the other officers is for you to get enjoyment and knowledge from our programs.

See you soon,

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