Our Next Meeting: June 18, 2017

Our next meeting will be Sunday at 1:30 pm, June 18, 2017 in the Blue Ridge Room at Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community Center, 1617 Hendersonville Rd. Asheville, NC. This is the regular meeting room.

Stamps start at 1:30, Business at 2;00, Program at 2:30, Still more stamps, ‘till 4:00 AND A lot of members come even earlier at about 1:00.



Larry Oliver will give a presentation on Surcharges: the pleasures and the pains; the why, when and where. The intent is to demonstrate the causes and types of surcharges we see on worldwide stamps.

And There will be another contest. Of some sort.


Planning Ahead for the AUGUST Meeting…

We have our exhibition frames – now let’s use them. Create your own ONE PAGE exhibit. Handwritten, typewritten, computer generated, it doesn’t matter. One pagers are simple in concept & execution. Take a small topic, show an example or two with a few lines of text & that’s it. Some topics that might spur your thoughts include: Your favorite stamp; or least favorite stamp; the ugliest stamp (Romania’s 1970 stamp “honoring” Beethoven is Larry’s choice); a single cover analysis; a single stamp with an oddity like a double transfer; an error in stamp design (The Vegas Statue of Liberty); a simple color comparison, like the various shades that can be found on US #563.

Robert Taylor and Larry Oliver will be judges and there will be prizes!

The Club’s 2015 Scott Catalogues, Volumes 1 thru 6, A to Z, will be at the meeting plus the Club’s 2012 US Specialized & World Classics 1840 -1940
And, as always, Door Prizes and the 50-50

See you there!

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