Our Next Meeting – July 16, 1:30 pm

Our next meeting will be Sunday at 1:30 pm, July 16, 2017 in the Blue Ridge Room at Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community Center, 1617 Hendersonville Rd. Asheville, NC. This is the regular meeting room.

Stamps start at 1:30, Business at 2;00, Program at 2:30, Still more stamps, ‘till 4:00 AND A lot of members come even earlier at about 1:00.


It’s our auction month!

Our other bi-monthly program is an auction and it is probably one of the best, and spirited, in the state. Here you bid and acquire anything from stamps, covers, sheets, albums and miscellaneous collections of stamps at very reasonable prices. As long as you are a current member, you can bring anything philatelic to the auction for bidding. If you are not sure how it works, please ask Jay, Larry, Stan or myself for guidance and recommendations.

See you there!


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