Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

“The Stamp Collector”, Curt Bruckner, 1961

Our weather has finally turned, signaled by the changing leaves about three weeks late. When I was growing up in Ohio, the initial excitement of this season quickly wore off, faced with the bracing cold to come. But once January came around, the stamp shows began in earnest and I turned to my collection once again. When I married and we moved to California, job, kids, house and everything that went with these consumed all my time. My old stamp collection sat on the shelf, patiently waiting for attention once again. It wasn’t until we moved to NC that I discovered offerings on eBay. This was 1998, and we found life taking on a more balanced flavor. We built our house, settled in to new jobs, and enjoyed the four distinct seasons once again. As I write this, the squirrels are playing on the deck, leaves are gently falling all around, and I’m looking forward to a hopefully not-too-cold winter “playing” (as my wife calls it) with my stamps, same as generations of philatelists have done before me. Let’s all count our blessings. Happy Collecting!