A Message from our Vice President, Jim Haxby

It seems like forever since we held our last ASC meeting at Deerfield. There have certainly been some changes since then. Phrases like “shelter in place” and “social distancing”, which would have seemed so strange and out of place before, are now on everyone’s lips. Many lives have been lost to a virus hardly anyone had heard of just a few months ago. And in the blink of an eye our economy has gone from record highs to depths not seen since the Great Depression.

Although I and no one I have talked to personally knows anyone who has been sickened by COVID-19, one casualty of the pandemic that hits very close to home has been our ability to meet at Deerfield. For the foreseeable future we must make other arrangements. But, things are beginning to turn for the better. The COVID-19 pandemic is easing and people will gradually be returning to a more normal life. It is just a matter of time until Deerfield can welcome us back. We just have to be patient until their administration feels it is safe to allow outsiders to return. They have a tremendous responsibility to their residents, who are among the most vulnerable to the virus.

On May 7th a small group of ASC members met in a virtual pilot meeting via Zoom. Zoom is a virtual meeting app that allows individuals to converse and see each other via computer. I know some of you have already become familiar with it through virtual family get togethers. At the pilot meeting it was determined that, starting with the May meeting, we will hold regular monthly ASC meetings via Zoom until we can return to Deerfield. I understand that the Charlotte Stamp Club has already begun holding Zoom meetings. Our first meeting was at 2 PM on Sunday, May 17 via Zoom. The virtual meeting went very well. There were 17 of us and everyone seemed to have a good time. Frank did an excellent job as our “Zoom Master”. The Zoom format is quite interesting. While it lacks the traditional ability to trade stamps and work with our catalog sets, the Zoom format makes it easier for people to converse in a meaningful way.

Another decision we made about our virtual ASC meetings is that each should have an educational program. Accordingly, Don Denman gave an excellent presentation on “The Smallest Post Offices”. Don is extremely knowledgeable in this area and some of them are quite fascinating. In real estate lingo they would probably be described as “cute starter post offices”.
I look forward to seeing you all at our next Zoom meeting, currently scheduled for June 21st at 2pm. Hopefully my barber shop will open soon enough so you don’t have to look at my shaggy hair. Neither my wife nor my cat has stepped forward to offer to cut it. They both profess no talent in that area. My cat is a world authority on napping, so I guess that will have to do.

All my best to everyone in these challenging times and, remember, whenever you get bored, there is always your stamp collection patiently waiting for your attention!

Best regards, Jim