Our February 17 Meeting: A Visit to Stanley Gibbons & the Tapling Collection by Frank Wheeler

The next meeting will be Sunday at 1:00 pm, February 17, 2019 in the Blue Ridge Room at Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community Center, 1617 Hendersonville Rd. This is the regular meeting room. Stamps start at 1:00, Business at 2;00, Program at 2:30, Still more stamps, ‘till 4:00.

This month’s program will be a delight for anyone who collects the stamps of Great Britain. Frank Wheeler is going to relate his pilgrimage to Stanley Gibbons, the premier stamp dealer in Great Britain and certainly one of the oldest, if not THE oldest dealer in the world. If Gibbons doesn’t have it, probably no one does. Frank will also tell us of his exciting browse through the Tapling collection in the British Library, another British jewel in the British philatelic crown.

The Club’s 2017 Scott Catalogues, Volumes 1 thru 6, A to Z, will be at the meeting plus the Club’s NEW 2019 US Specialized & World Classics 1840 -1940.

AND Robert will bring a third set of different Club donation albums. Members can pick the stamps they desire right from the albums @ 5¢/stamp. Please bring your stamp tongs for this and some glassines.

And don’t forget your $10 2019 dues!